Comp cams Engine Break-in Oil

 15,50 incl. BTW

Speciale inrij-olie die nodig is voor extra smering (zink+) bij plaatsing nieuwe nokken as of een motor-rebuild / revisie.

1 fles is 946cc, dus voor en MGB of v8 zijn 5/6 flessen nodig!

Most modern oil is unsuitable for older flat tappet cam engines. When catalytic converters came along, the amount of Zinc, Phosphorous, Molybdenum & other additives was reduced to try & increase the life of the catalyst. Unfortunately, this created thousands of camshaft failures across the World, as no one knew in the aftermarket, what was really happening. Now, that is all behind us, as we have solutions to the problem. If you have fitted a new flat tappet cam, or an engine with this type of cam fitted, [or indeed a performance hydraulic roller cam] then we recommend the running in oil is used [BY1590], together with the break-in oil additive [BY159]. This exceeds the recommended 2000-2500ppm of Zinc and will protect your cam if you follow correct running in procedures for your camshaft. Keep the oil & additive in for at least 250-500 miles.


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